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If you have always wanted to learn astrology, you are at the right place!

Our school is unique as it is relationship based, using individual approach and giving only information that you need to be confident in using astrology and improving your daily life.

Our mission

All of us are living under cosmic influence. Recent COVID-19 events started in the wake of two very powerful planets conjunction that could not go without consequences. Hopefully it is rather convincing and more people would want to learn astrology principles and use them to improve their life.

Our mission is make learning practical astrology affordable and efficient.

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Love to Learn

Welcome to our school

We are providing learners with
- practical knowledge 
- individual approach including assignment feedback
- extensive curriculum 
- lowest prices on the market
- flexibility 
- dedicated Facebook group to ask questions on the go
- confidence and skill for life

Our program does not contain "just in case" material. Everything we teach is practical and helpful in improving quality of people's lives. 


What exactly do you learn here?

At ASTROWINNERS learners can choose if they purchase the entire 14 weeks course at the package price of $350 plus HST or just separate lessons of their interest at $30 plus HST each.

Every Monday full course learners are receiving a new lesson through their email  to study and submit their assignment by the end of the day Sunday.  Learners who completed the entire course along with all assignment receive Astrowinners full course Certificate of Achievement. 

Lesson 1 
Basic principles of Astrology Chart Reading. Relocation

Lesson 2
Talents and personal challenges

Lesson 3
Money and other resources

Lesson 4
Interaction with other people. Relationship issues

Lesson 5
Love and relationship with significant other

Lesson 6
Career, work and business

Lesson 7
Wellbeing and wellness. Difficult time, typical issues and solutions 

Lesson 8
Formulas of events, how do they work

Lesson 9
Formula of danger

Lesson 10
Timing for business and work related events 

Lesson 11
Timing for personal milestones

Lesson 12
Simple forecasting methods

Lesson 13
Astrology for luck and lasting results

Lesson 14
Putting it all together. Astrology consultation

Certificate of Achievement


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